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Welcome to NY Dance!

At NY Dance we believe that dance classes can be for everyone.
This philosophy is engrained across our entire studio program and we offer opportunities for anyone who would love to experience the joy of dance no matter their age, ability or individual needs.
We don’t participate in eisteddfods or any sort of ‘competitive’ work instead focussing on creating a love of dance, teaching solid dance technique with everything culminating in spectacular, end of year performances for our family and friends.
If you would love to join the dance studio with a very intentional point of difference,  then we would love to invite you to share the NY Dance experience.


We are so excited to introduce our BRAND NEW Circus Class Program – DANCE CIRQUE to NY Dance in 2021.

In each class students will climb, juggle and learn circus skills in a safe environment.
Dance Cirque has been created for children over the age of 6 years and is great for both boys and girls and the best part is that you don’t need to be a dancer to enjoy this class so it is perfect for brothers and sisters who may love to be a part of a fun, physical activity but who may not be interested in attending a regular dance class.

It works on Level Cards so everyone progresses at their own pace with the class set out in three parts:

  • Warm Up
  • Aerial Skills – Lyra, Trapeze, Silks
  • Floor Act – Juggling and Hula Hooping

Cirque is great for cognitive development, gross motor skills, strength, flexibility and fantastic for confidence too.


And we haven’t forgotten our 2-5’s with their own very special Circus classes called “Little Monkeys” which is a super-fun class where your little one will gain confidence, learn skills and have lots of fun.
The “Little Monkeys” program includes basic tumbling, interactive circuits, balance beams, silks, juggling, hula hoops and more all under the supervision of our amazing teaching team.

Dance Stars Program

Our tiniest dancers start as young as 9 months through to approximately 7 years of age. If your little dancer loves to whirl & twirl or hop & bop around the lounge room then they will simply be thrilled in any of our classes.
With lots of props to keep them entertained like ribbons, scarves & pom poms we can assure you that your child will be simply enchanted during their lesson time. We have been very intentional in creating a quality dance program with super exciting themes every term such as ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’, ‘Blast Off’ & ‘Down on the Farm’ so that your child will be totally entertained and unable to wait for their next ‘dance day’.


NY Dance Arts Program

Our ‘Dance Arts Program’  is where the dance magic really starts to happen.
Our fabulous programs have been very intentionally created to allow students aged 8 to 18 to progress in an age-appropriate manner giving every dancer has the opportunity to shine.
Watch the progression of your dancer from the Dance Stars Program right through to the Dance Arts Program.
The multitude of dance classes to choose from includes tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary musical theatre or acrodance.
Students are encouraged to focus more on technique at this level, and ‘being the best they can be’. This is when we see our students truly flourish, in a dance environment crafted to be gently encouraging and supportive while at the same time offering a solid, quality dance education.


Move With You

‘Move With You’, our very first dance class for your tiniest dancer ages 9 months to around 3 years of age.

‘Move With You’ is a 45 minute play-based dance class that parents (and often grandparents) attend with their child.  It incorporates toys, props, scarves, instruments, hoops and so forth, with the learning of very basic dance steps.  Specifically crafted by our Early Childhood educators, this class has essential childhood development points such as proprioceptive input, vestibular input, gross and fine motor skills and much more, all disguised as a part of our fun song and dance activities.
This is a rewarding one-on-one class spent with your little dancer full of fun activites that will spark their imagination and keep them coming back for more.



Adult Dance Space

Looking for a dance studio with amazing adult dance classes?

If you have you always wanted to dance, danced as a child and can’t wait to get back into it or maybe dance has simply on your bucket list for a while.
At NY Dance we offer the opportunity many adults are waiting for – classes appropriate for adults of varying experience from none to very experienced.
Choose from Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Burlesque, Latin Fusion or ‘Stretch & Strengthen’ and with all of these classes on the timetable, there is certain to be one that is just right for you.
If you’ve never danced before don’t panic, NY Dance teachers are experienced with all levels of ability and within moments you will feel at home and make new friends at your dance class.



NY Dance is the dance studio with a very intentional point of difference. We have old-fashioned values when it comes to the presentation of weekly lessons to our students and in particular, what we present to our families on-stage especially regarding song choices and costuming, at our end of year performances. Our vision is very intentional in that we adhere to our own standards of ‘Age-Appropriate music, dance moves and costumes’. This is something that we are extremely passionate and proud of.If you would love to be a part of a studio that values children being children, that has high moral standards when it comes to the work we present to the students of every age, both in class and on stage, then we would love to show you the NY Dance difference.

We are passionate about our Studio Vision which states that:
“NY Dance exists to encourage a love of dance to whomever feels inspired to learn. We are passionately inclusive of students with all abilities and strive to create a positive and uplifting family atmosphere with excellence in all areas of studio life.” Our Teaching & Administration Team work together regularly to update their skills, refine the curriculum and to create a beautiful dance experience for everyone who comes in contact with us, whether it be speaking with someone making an enquiry over the phone, working with students in class or parents at our reception desk.You will find our organisational skills second to none with advanced notice given for everything, fabulous communication with our dance families and a good choice of ways to always get in contact with one of our Team.

NY Dance Studio Values


We are passionate about creating a positive learning environment where every student feels valued. We believe in the unlimited potential of each dancer, gently nurturing them with positive words and actions, to be the very best they can be.


We are passionate about including everyone no matter their ability, age, size or shape so that they may learn to dance without any fear or judgement. Every dancer is a gift to be valued and we warmly welcome anyone who wishes to learn to dance.

Love Dance

We are passionate about dance and the excitement and happiness it brings to our students lives, encouraging them to tap into the source of joy within, through our holistic approach to dance education.
We want the love of dance to be a part of their lives beyond the classroom, something that will stay with them forever.


We are passionate about excellence in teaching outcomes, striving to provide our students with the best quality tuition while at the same time, having realistic goals given the ages and abilities of our students. We aim for excellence in all areas of NY Dance from every part of our team so that whether you are a student or parent, you have the most amazing and excellent experience possible.


We are passionate about creating an extended family atmosphere, where our students can feel safe & protected, nurtured & valued, with consistent values and attitudes across the entire NY Dance Team. Our families are important to us and become part of our lives, both inside and outside of the classroom.