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Little Dance Stars Program for 0-6 Years

Move with You (9 months-3 Years)

Our Tiniest Dancers can start dancing as early as 9 months of age in our ‘Move With You’ class which has been specially created by our early childhood educators to include activities and movements that encourage childhood development milestones such as gross and fine motor skills, proprioceptive and vestibular input and much more.
This tailor-made dance class is a play-based dance class, which encourages learning through singing, clapping, jumping, skipping, hopping.
Children use props such as instruments, toys, costumes, hoops, ribbons, scarves and all sorts of fun things, to pique the interest of your child.
This is a most beautiful class to attend to spend quality time with your little one and mums, dads and grandparents alike simply love coming to ‘Move With You’.

Tiny Stars (2-3 Years)

‘Tiny Stars’ dance classes are the very first class dancers come to without their mummy or daddy.
For children turning 3 years, it is a Tap/Jazz combination class that is a transitional year between ‘Move With You’ and ‘Bright Stars’. It’s still largely ‘play based’ and  very age appropriate.
Props, toys, fun music choices and child-friendly, themed lessons combined with a very basic introduction to tap and jazz.
Little dancers absolutely love this class, exploring their imagination and have a great time doing it.

View our Move With You & Tiny Stars Timetable here:


Bright Stars (Turning 4 & 5 Years)

Our ‘Bright Stars’  are dance classes for children turning 4 & 5 years.
You can choose either a Tap/Jazz Combo, Ballet, Acrodance or a combination of them all.
If your little boy or girl loves to twirl & turn, wiggle, jump or stomp about, then they will simple love coming to a class where they can dance to their hearts content.
With fun dress-ups & theme weeks our children are dancing with teachers who are experts in the field of early childhood education.
The focus of classes at this age is not on the steps, but on building confidence, and further development of motor skills.

View our Bright Stars timetable here:

Shining Stars (Turning 6 Years)

Our ‘Shining Stars’  are dance classes for children turning 6 years who may take either a Tap/Jazz Combo Class, Ballet or Acrodance.
The class differs a little from the level of the Bright Stars as the students are progressing incrementally as they get older and have the ability to learn things that are more advanced than the 4 to 5 year olds.
The emphasis is still on fun classes and creating a sense of confidence with our students, but we are working now a little harder to get our steps right.

View our Shining Stars timetable here: