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Why Dance?

‘Why dance, what could my child get out of this’, you may be thinking?
Confidence? Co-Ordination? Social Skills?
Yes, all of this, but with dance there is so much more.
At NY Dance we have created a safe space for our dancers to explore their creativity, to let themselves ‘go’, to be who they really love to be.
It is a friendship zone, a happy place, a place to let their dreams run free….
Our dancers are encouraged to be the best version of themselves, to strive to be better than they were the week before, and to have confidence in their ability to grow as dancers every week.
Results don’t come overnight and I love to tell my students that you have to start somewhere, even if that somewhere is not so great, you can only move forward from there. No one goes ‘backwards in dance’.
Last night in jazz class our intermediates were learning to do ‘grande jetes’. FYI a Grande Jete is a large, split leap that is extremely tricky to master… everyone had their turn and we all had a talk about how we were doing, and although we agreed that they weren’t great in that moment, we did all agree that we can only improve on what we have done, and that is what dance, and life, is all about.
I like to use my classes and the example of learning dance steps as being the same as learning lots of things in our lives and use these opportunities, when they arise, to impart some life wisdom on my students. These are the things that I hope, whenever they finally hang up their dance shoes – which of course I hope is never – that they will remember.
We cannot be ‘amazing’ or ‘perfect’ straight up and the pressures on children (and grown-ups too) to be perfect the first time, especially in these days of instant gratification, is just not realistic or possible.
It’s the journey towards the perfection that is the lesson….
Enjoy the journey dancers!
Miss Natalie.