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What Every NY Dance Parent Should Know

It’s Wednesday and I’m in my office, doing my ‘invisible work’. The work that no one sees that keeps the business of NY Dance going. Like paying bills, scrolling through costumes, checking music on my iPad for the next few days classes, reviewing syllabus videos to check on exercises, and a million other things that need to be done to keep NY Dance running like the well-oiled machine it is.. and then I come across an article, penned by a ‘life coach’ of dance studio owners (yes, this is a thing)… the headline states ‘What Every Dance Parent Needs To Know’.

So of course, I read. It relays to the dance parents of the world, all the things that your dance teacher does that you probably don’t know about… sharing the woes of being a dance teacher, missing out on dinners with your family and so on, and all in all, it feels pretty condescending to me, so I find myself here, writing this to you, all of MY dance parents in response to what reading this article, made me think about.

If you are a dance parent at NY Dance, I want to thank you for being amazing, for loving your children enough to put them into not only my dance studio, but for putting your children into any extracurricular activity. I know only too well, the difficulty of transporting your children around after school to a myriad of activities and I know that lots of you do the drop and go so that you can drop Child Number Two (and maybe Three) off to their activity too. I take my hat off to you!

I want to thank you for NOT being Dance Moms (or Dance Dads, Step Parents, Grandparents – you know, like those ones on TV).
We have the most wonderful, supportive, heart-centred dance families who do not care for competition, for someone else’s child having more than theirs, or try to tell me all the things they think I should be doing. I’m grateful for your feedback, and grateful that you trust me and my team to take care of your children and to be a part of their village. And more than this, I love the way you all embrace the things that I value most about here at NY Dance.

I want to share with you how this was demonstrated so beautifully at our recent Aladdin Auditions.

There was a bit of a backlog in the waiting area and I came out at one point when there were several parents and children waiting their turn.

As I congratulated the current auditionee (not even sure if that is a word) and escorted her out through the door, there was tumultuous applause for this child, and in fact the next few children that came out were also treated to a big round of clapping and shouts of ‘well done’.

It was spontaneous and joyous and exactly what I’ve come to expect of my dance families and I realise that from the tone of the article that got me started on this post, that we really do have the most wonderful and best people I could ever have dreamed of, here at this place called NY Dance.

So here I am today, feeling thankful, for normal, lovely, family oriented people like you in my life.
Have a beautiful day,
Miss Natalie.